New insights into the enigmatic structure in Bosnia

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TuttoScienze, the supplement of science by "La Stampa", Italian national newspaper with office in Turin, decided to start talking about discovers of SBRG in Bosnia, even if the director decided to put them in the column of  “Mysteries”,  just because the beam from the top of the hill is a real mystery.
A clarification. The article says that in the reflecting mirror of the source of VLF (Very Low Frequencies radio waves) has been reported the presence of gold. Perhaps an oversight of the typographer, because it’s only silver and not gold.


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SBRG - October 24, 2012


Video of the presentation of the physics researcher Slobodan Mizdrak about this news on the results of the experiment carried out in April 2012 on the apex of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, for the evaluation of electro-magnetic and ultrasound phenomena (in English).