New sponsor from Finland joins SBRG group for archaeoacoustics research

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Some good news for our archaeoacoustic researches, we now have the support of Finnish manufacturer of professional audio speakers, Genelec Oy from Iisalmi (Finland), a new sponsor for our group.



 Fig. 1 - The active speakers Genelec 8030A in our laboratories


Their active speakers (Genelec mod. 8030A), just delivered, will be used for listening, monitoring and as a source of generating interferences to acoustic resonances in our research on ancient structures.


 Fig. 2 - Our sound engineer Heikki Savolainen at work in Demiurg laboratories in Zagreb (Croatia)


We have already begun a new intensive study in our laboratory (Demiurg) in Zagreb. We are grateful to our new sponsor for their support for archaeoacoustic research.

SBRG - September 22, 2013