Little progress in the excavations for liberate structure placed in Ravne Labirinth

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There has been little progress in preparing the excavation. We received yesterday afternoon some images of the excavation from Dr. Sara Acconci, the archaeologist who heads the excavation.


Fig. 1 – The excavation site (Photo by Sara Acconci and Alfredo Bertan)


It seems that the source of water is from a number of locations. It was previously dispersed in the soil below the pipe, which reduced the need for the discharge drain tube.



Fig. 2 – Particular of the drainage (Photo by Sara Acconci and Afredo Bertan)


The ‘tomb’ is protected thanks to the surrounding clay soil that is very compact, but if the excavation is carried out without due care, there is a real risk of damaging the artifact.



Fig. 3 – The drainage full of water (Photo by Sara Acconci and Alfredo Bertan)


Therefore, the water from a subterranean vein has been diverted before being channeled.


Fig. 4 – The great quantity of water passing through the excavation site (Photo by Sara Acconci and Alfredo Bertan)


Our instrumentation engineer expert G. Battistoni, has prepared a detailed project to try and work on a dry site, this will be applied as soon as possible by the working group in place.



Fig. 5 – Emptying scheme (G. Battistoni )


Paolo Debertolis for the group SBRG - July 30, 2011