Maintenance work continues in Ravne, but when excavations will resume in the tunnels seems most uncertain

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The two workers of the Foundation still on-site, Edo and Salko, continue their work of shoring and reinforcement of props in the tunnels.
But it seems that changes are necessary for future conservation. Under direction from a professional archaeologist these changes would only be a little different from the methods implemented up to now.


Fig. 1 - The maintenance work is carried out only by two workers (Ajdin Ahmetspahic photos)

In any case hard times loom for the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation, which takes care of the excavations in Ravne tunnels. The global financial crisis has led to a dramatic reduction in donations from private sponsors which have allowed it to continue digging, even in winter.


Fig. 2 - Tunnel passages that do not have secure access are closed to public (Ajdin Ahmetspahic photos)

There is now the possibility that there are no funds to pay the team of workers who, last winter, allowed non interruption of the research inside Ravne tunnels and led to significant successes, such as the discovery of new section unsealed tunnel (here) or the discovery of artifacts (here).


Fig. 3 - Moment to fatigue for Salko who remains one of the best workers (Ajdin Ahmetspahic photos)

Probably the excavations will resume only in January with the arrival of a dedicated budget for all of 2012 by the Bosnian Government.

Ravne tunnels will remain open all winter for sightseeing.


Fig. 4 - Outside, the problem of water drainage remains a serious problem in Ravne tunnels (Ajdin Ahmetspahic photos)

Meanwhile, researchers of SBRG will maintain their presence in this archaeological site pursuing other lines of research. Unfortunately we had to suspend excavations, which had just begun, to unearth the underground structure discovered in July of this year, because, without support of the Foundation workers, it’s impossible to construct the access ramp down to the structure.

Paolo Debertolis & Richard Hoyle - October 28, 2011