Forensic Imaging in Anthropology

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Paolo Debertolis*, Nina Earl**


*Department of Medical Sciences - University of Trieste

   **SB Research Group, London, UK

Summary - Obtaining a dedicated infrared or ultraviolet forensic camera can prove to be a great problem for a researcher with limited funds. This paper illustrates how to modify a standard reflex digital camera to function like a forensic camera, using filters and light. This modified camera can be used to carry out detailed analysis of bones excavated on an archaeological dig using infrared and ultraviolet photography. This technique could be extended into other fields of study with little additional cost.

Keywords: anthropology, forensic camera, infrared, forensic imaging


Proceedings in Scientific Conference “2nd HASSACC 2014 - Human And Social Sciences at the Common Conference", Slovakia, Žilina, November 17-21, 2014: 206-212.


Published by: EDIS - Publishing Institution of the University of Zilina, Univerzitná 1, 01026 Žilina, Slovak Republic.

ISBN: 978-80-554-0949-8, ISSN: 1339-522X

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