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Archaeo-acoustics in the South of England by SBRG research group

TAG:  electromagnetic waves, ultrasounds, archaeo-acoustics, SBRG, SB Research Group

As part of our research into archaeoacoustics, and electromagnetic phenomena at ancient archaeological sites, some members of SBRG, traveled to the South of England in May 2012.

Here we examined two Neolithic archaeological sites; The Kings Men Stone Circle (Rollright Stones) and Wayland's Smithy long barrow, looking for resonance and ultrasounds in the presence of special conditions withinin these ancient structures.


Fig.1 - The site of The Kings Men Stone Circle (Rollright Stones) an old print and how it is today


Fig.2 - We have placed our equipment in different positions inside the stone circle, using the same protocol established in Bosnia


Fig.3 - The most powerful ultrasound effect was found at sunrise in the center of the stone circle


Fig.4 - The tool used to capture ultrasounds was the Aquarian H2a-XLR Hydrophones and Marantz PMD661 digital recorder



Fig.5 - Our new expert of English language, Nina Earl, felt perfectly the vibration from the megaliths when hit by sunlight. This vibration can be felt at sunrise, by placing the hand on the surface of  larger megaliths


Fig.6 - At the same time, the researcher and archaeological photographer Adam Stanford ( ) was performing overhead photographs of the megalithic circle. Here's a great picture taken from his computer which shows perfectly the entire circle


Fig.7 - Around us the beautiful English countryside with its rape seed oil crops



The resonance of Wayland's Smithy proved particularly sensitive to the human male voice timbre however, it did not appear to resonate from the vibrations induced by musical instruments.

This confirmed what has already been reported in studeis from the1990’s by the PEAR research group of University of Princerton (USA).



Fig.8 - The elongated shape of the megalith site of Wayland's Smithy. The resonance chamber is located at the base on southern side



Fig.9 - The entrance to the resonance chamber on the South side



Fig.10 - The resonance chamber at South side of this structure. This structure has a central chamber and two lateral. The greatest effect can be found at the center of the central chamber



 Fig.11 - We applied the usual rigid protocols for recording; the recorder was placed outside the chamber and the microphones were placed inside


Fig. 12 - Before using the human voice we attempted to solicit the system resonance using percussion instruments such as gongs and singing bells, but without success. The resonance is only activated by the voice


The Kings Men Stone Circle at dawn seemed to produce ultrasonic frequencies very similar to those already found in Bosnia with the Bosnian pyramids.

The working hypothesis is that some sacred sites have been built in some areas in relation to these natural phenomena. It is not understood if neolithic people came to know this only through hearing or by using primitive tools. At other ancient sites (Wayland's Smithy). sites, there is clearly a desire to produce resonance during prayer or sacred songs that can alter the state of consciousness of those present at the ceremony.


Fig.13 - The entire structure Neolithic of Wayland's Smithy, situated along the ancient Ridgeway close to Uffington White Horse in the English countryside


Our archaeoacoustics research will continue along this line looking at the affect of other archaeological sites in Europe.

Paolo Debertolis - August 2, 2012





False decoding of a sound file by SBRG


TAG: bosnian pyramids, pyramid Bosnia, Visoko civilzation, archaeology, archaeo-acoustic, voice pyramid, Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation, ultrsounds, SBRG, SB Research Group

On the 19th of June 2012 an article by Mike Tate was published on Bosnian Foundation of Pyramid of the Sun web site which claimed to decode a sound file produced by SB Research Group (SBRG) recorded on the top of the Pyramid of the Sun in January 2011 (here).

The author of the article maintains, he downloaded this file from a web site where the links are not working. This web site ( was never authorized to make the SB Research Group original file available.

The title of this file is very similar to SBRG’s original file. However it is very different from it and manufactured for a unknown purpose.

Regardless of the technical descriptions, any subsequent interpretation is false and one could argue it may have been created to discredit the archaeoacustic research carried out by SBRG of the years.

All of the SBRG wish to distance themselves from this unauthentic file that is of unknown origin.

SBRG - June 27, 2012








Finished experiment of April 2012 on ultrasounds beam and electromagnetic waves from the top of the Pyramid of the Sun



TAG: pyramids Bosnia, Bosnian pyramids, archaeoacoustics, Visoko civilization, pyramids, electromagnetic waves, ultrasounds, voice pyramid, SBRG, SB Research Group

 At the end of April 2012 the important experiment, directed by the physics researcher Slobodan Mizdrak, on the origin of the ultrasound beam and electromagnetic waves from the top of the Pyramid of the Sun / Visočica hill took place on the top of the Pyramid of the Sun.

 The experiment took over 48 hours, but required several days of preparation of the site where it was managed and several months in the previous period for development  of the project and equipment.


Fig.1 - The cars crammed with heavy equipment were brought to the base of the top of the pyramid. This operation have several difficulties given by the significant presence of mud


Fig.2 - On the left the director of the experiment, Slobodan Mizdrak, on the right Paolo Debertolis



Fig.3 - The most effort was made for a heavy generator needed to supply all the equipment that was delivered by hand to the summit (Below:on the left Matija Grabar, on the right Vladimir Skenderovic)



Under direct control of four cameras connected by wireless system with the direct operational control center located in the hotel Piramida Sunca of Visoko, it was installed a powerful transmitter on the plateau of the top of the Pyramid of the Sun (Visoćica Hill) that interfered with the beam coming from inside pyramid and which expands over it.




Fig. 4 - We installed numerous video-cameras to observe the equipment during the experiment


The dual transmitter was a ultrasounds and radio waves transmitter located at the same frequencies as those produced by the pyramid. Numerous sensors placed over the top and connected to the operational control center, in addition to those placed at the same time in the tunnels of Ravne. 


Fig.5 - The dual transmitter of radio waves and ultrasounds


Fig.6 - The double emitter: ultrasounds waves (trumpet Motorola) and electromagnetic waves (dedicated antenna). The two emitters produced the same frequencies simultaneously


Fig.7 - Last development of contacts and equipments for recording the frequencies


Fig.8 Over: The director of the experiment, Mizdrak, is showing one electromagnetic sensor placed on the top of the pyramid; Below: detail of the sensor



Fig.9 - The antennas sent signals of the sensors and transmitters to the control center in the hotel Piramida Sunca located in the center of Visoko


 Researchers took care  to the ancient structures placed on top of the hill that were minimally affected by equipment or experiment.


Fig.10 - The area of the fortress totally uninvolved experiment. The transmitters and the equipment were placed at the centre of the plateau, while the cameras are detached from the walls of the ancient artifact

Fig.11 - The operations center monitors were controlling the situation perfectly at the top of the pyramid of the Sun by numerous video-cameras and by instrumentation and sensors connected to the transmitters


Fig.12 - The control centre room was guarded day and night to follow the evolution of the experiment


The transmitters have produced all the frequencies in a particular range by changing the frequencies emitted every few minutes while operators esteemed the answers on the sensors.

Research has also had dramatic moments in the wind, rain, "Red Light" and helicopters in exploration, but also determined new knowledge in the localization of the source of the signal inside the Pyramid of the Sun, its power and its features.





Fig. 13 - Also in tunnels of Ravne were placed the sensors connected to the network in the cabin placed outside of the tunnel


The equipment placed on the pyramid were guarded night and day by new Foundation archaeologist, Richard Brett, who slept in a tent placed close to the wall of the fortress.


Fig.14 - The archaeologist Richard Brett


We collected 30 Terabytes of data which will be analyzed in three different laboratories (Vienna, Zagreb and Belgrade) for a perfect confirmation of results. The full analysis of the data will require 3 to 6 months.


Fig.15 - Slobodan Mizdrak on the left and Riccardo Brett on the right


Sincere thanks to all researchers who participated this extraordinary event with care and passion and to the Foundation of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun and Semir Osmanagić for support. Thanks in particular by whole SBRG group to Slobodan Mizdrak, our associate researcher, who conceived this project in April 2012 and led it with great skill.

Paolo Debertolis – May 12, 2012





New experiment on the Pyramid of the Sun for the study of electromagnetic and ultrasonic emissions

 TAG: bosnian pyramids, pyramid Bosnia, archaeoacoustics, Visoko civilzation, archaeology, arcaeo-acustic, voice pyramid, Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation, SBRG, SB Research Group

In late April 2012 an international team of scientists will perform an experiment on the emission of electromagnetic and ultrasonic waves from the top of the Pyramid of the Sun
The physics researcher Slobodan Mizdrak, who will lead the team for this experiment, has developed a protocol for it which we publish below.


Slobodan Mizdrak at ICBP2011 conference in Visoko


Experiment on Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids in the late April 2012.

Lead by Slobodan Mizdrak

With great help of Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation and SB Research Group


The main goal of the experiment:

Find the source of an electromagnetic and ultrasound emission with a triangular way of capturing both effects – with 8 probes recording echo signals on different geographical places.


The reason for the experiment:

In the last two years eight different teams of scientists and enthusiasts from 5 countries (Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Italy and Finland) detected with various instruments strange energy fields on the pyramids and tunnels around them. The energies, a lot higher than signals, in electromagnetic and ultrasound fields with specific frequency varied +/- 20% with a middle in 28, 6 kHz. There are no known natural or artificial sources with those frequencies with so narrowed points in the field. Not with electromagnetic and ultrasound (mechanical) vibrations at the same time and nearly the same place. On the top of the pyramid or deep down, in the tunnel!

Guided by a scientific mind (read: restless without results) we decided to make a project to find a source of that energy-informational field with a 3D method of analyzing collected data on the field.


 The methodology of the experiment:

On the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (BPS) we will set electronic devices which will irradiate electromagnetic (EM) and ultrasound (UM) emission with specific frequencies (now 24 – 40 kHz) simultaneously, with sinusoid waveform, and with amplitude power no more than 40 Watts. Irradiation or shining is simple and with small power – with no affects to flora, fauna or human beings around the specific place.

Our detectors or probes are set to receive all responses in both EM and US emissions and record them for further analyses. This means recording original signals-energies and all others (mostly interferences of both signals originals from BPS and produced ones). So, if we know the exact place in 3D of all of our probes, with timeline recorded for all data, we will be able to pinpoint the exact place where the source of energy beam is on a 3D map.

Mathematically, the speed of EM/light and the speed of sound/mechanical vibration in the same system are constant. How to find distance is just a matter of precise time intervals.  With 4 probes for each of the EM and US and with the exact time of receiving the same signals we can easy calculate the distance from the source. And not only the distance but the direction as well! This means we will find the specific spot where the source is.

The GPS system works in the same mathematical way.


Timeline of experiment:

Our team will come to Visoko on April 23 2012 sometime in the afternoon. We will set up and test the equipment the next day. The start of the experiment is 9.00 AM April 25 2012. The duration of the experiment is 48 hours, so the end of the experiment is in 9.01 AM April 27 2012. Data collected during our experiment will be analyzed in the next 2-6 months (over 3 TBytes) and published on Foundation and SBRG web sites.


Schema of experiment (clic for enlarging)


Transparency of the experiment:

Everything what will happen during our project will be recorded including audio, video and all captured data.  Three high resolution cameras will be placed near our equipment to record and send audio/video to the motel where we can see and hear everything in real time. Also everything will be placed on the internet in real time, so whoever wants to can easily track us from any part of the world.

After the experiment, all collected data will be available on the internet for all kinds of individual calculation.


Avoiding problems:

The main reason why we do not want people to sneak around is their electronic devices like cell phones, mobile cameras etc which can interfere with our very sensitive probes. All extra EM and US can disturb our measuring and prolong data calculation. Even that can mislead our results.

If someone really wants to be there, that is not a problem and it’s not dangerous. I will be there as much as possible as well. My dear colleague dr. Riccardo Brett will be there with his team during all 48 hours of the experiment. There are only three rules for people who want to sneak around: leave your electronic devices at least 200m from the experiment place, do not touch the equipment and do not make any loud sounds.  



We are not here for theoretical discussions. We cannot answer who built the pyramids and when. We don’t know why they built them. Or how.

Our international and multidisciplinary team of experts will do a practical experiment:

 After 48 hours of recording data from the probes and calculating data we will be able to find the direction and length to the source of EM and US which was found initially on BPS in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids and Ravno Tunnels.


The team:

Davor Jadrijevic, mag.

Edo Popovic, writer and journalist

Goran Marjanovic, ing.

Heikki Savolainen, ing.

Hrvoje Vesligaj,

Ivan Simatovic, dr.

Jadranko Djurasin, photographer

Leonardo Blazenic, ing.

Ljubo Ristovski, prof. dr.

Milan Guncic, medical supervision

Paolo Debertolis, prof.dr.

Ranko Tintor, ing. and photographer

Riccardo Bret, dr.

Stanko Magic,ing.

Vladimir Matek, ing.

Vladimir Skenderovic, photographer

Zlatan Alicevic, dr.

and our host Sam Osmanagich, dr.


In Zagreb, Croatia, 15. April 2012.

Slobodan Mizdrak






New surveys on the "voice" of the Pyramid of the Sun

TAG: bosnian pyramids, pyramid Bosnia, archaeoacoustics, Visoko civilzation, archaeology, archaeoacoustic, voice pyramid, SBRG, SB Research Group 

On 15th of March 2012, a small group of members of SBRG, in collaboration with Bosnian Foundation of Pyramid of the Sun, has gone to Bosnia once again to collect the "voice" of the Pyramid of the Sun with new advanced instrumentation.


The presence of snow on top and along the way to the plateau of the pyramid at this time discourages the flux of tourists visiting the medieval fortress on top of pyramid and allowed to perform for three hours surveys using high-level recorders in total calmness.


This measuring confirmed not only the presence of a wide ultrasonic beam coming out continuously from the top of the pyramid, already detected in 2011 by our research group by the use of a compander (here the file of  February 2011), but, thanks to new equipment, it was also able to record these ultrasounds with greater accuracy.


The records are still being analyzed in a professional studio in Helsinki (Finland), but their features appear, from the first analysis, very similar to a message (listen here to the "voice" of the pyramid made audible reducing ultrasound of three-octave by computer software and by a special algorithm to highlight modulated component of the sound file - author and sound engineer Heikki Altero Savolainen).


Similarly, a transposition of ultrasonic frequencies in a musical file for simulating a piano seems almost to suggest a mathematical structure of the ultrasonic vibrations (hear here the musical file).

Bosnia - Herzegovina, the land of miracles, continues to amaze.

Paolo Debertolis - 26th of March 2012


Previous articles on the same argument in Italian language:

1) Abbiamo registrato la "voce" della Piramide del Sole - Debertolis P., Battistoni G.A., Hocza V.M.–  28 gennaio 2011

2) Ancora sulla “voce” della Piramide del Sole - Debertolis P., Hocza V.M. – 25 febbraio 2011

3) Risultati preliminari nella ricerca dell’emissione di onde sonore nelle strutture megalitiche presenti nella Valle di Visoko (Bosnia e Erzegovina) - Debertolis P., Acconci S. – 30 maggio 2011





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