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Conclusion of the conference "Hidden History" 2012 in Visoko


TAG: pyramids Bosnia, Bosnian pyramids, civilization Visoko, pyramids, electromagnetic waves, ultrasounds, voice pyramid, SBRG, SB Research Group, Paolo Debertolis, Slobodan Mizdrak

The "Hidden History" conference in Visoko organized by the Foundation of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, ended late in the evening of 8th September  2012.
The conference began with a press conference in which Dr. Semir Osmanagić introduced the theme  and the progresses made by the Foundation to date. Some of the speakers were at the press conference including Klaus Dona, Philip Coppens and Paolo Debertolis.
Many Bosnian authorities were present in the assembly room. Alongside them, was the Ambassador of Pakistan who has been following the researches of the Foundation of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun with interest for a long time.


From left: Philip Coppens, Paolo Debertolis, Semir Osmanagić, the delegate of the Bosnian institutions, Fikret Plevljak (Prime MInister of Canton Zenica-Doboj), Klaus Dona


From left: Semir Osmanagić, Fikret Plevljak and Klaus Dona


 From left: Philip Coppens and Paolo Debertolis


In the morning the report by Semir Osmanagic on the Bosnian pyramids and the report by Philip Coppens on the origin of the populations.


The audience in the conference room


In the afternoon several reports were presented including those of two members of our research group (SBRG). Paolo Debertolis spoke about his study on archeo-acoustic research on the structures in Visoko Valley. To help give a better understanding of electromagnetic phenomena and ultrasound, Slobodan Mizdrak spoke about the results of the experiment carried out in April 2012 on the apex of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (at the end of this article there are the links to videos of presentations and the original slides projected at conference).


The speakers of SBRG during their presentation, Paolo Debertolis and Slobodan Mizdrak


Then it was the turn of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation archaeologist Richard Brett, who spoke about the artifacts found in the excavations. He also announced the latest results from tests carried out at C14 on the Pyramid of the Sun, these were carried out in a laboratory in Kiev, radiocarbon dating showed the layers of conglomerate were 24,800 years (+ - 200) old.


The archaeologist, Richard Brett


One of the artifacts found in the free section of the tunnel Ravne and showed by Richard Brett at the conference, an oil lamp in eighteenth-century iron



The last speaker was Klaus Dona who gave a brilliant report. In addition to illustrating the artifacts found by him in Ecuador, he announced his discovery of three pyramids in South Africa, which also have considerable thermal and electromagnetic phenomena related to them. Dona has also provided a new map of  tunnels found on the Pyramid of the Sun from satellite studies.



Two of the many ancient artifacts found in Ecuador by Klaus Dona, inexplicable in their characteristics. These are covered with a special paint fluoresce which under ultraviolet light appear as shown. This is interesting as the ancient people must have had knowledge about ultraviolet light, something not previously known


A new map produced as a result of a satellite search by Klaus Dona tunnels inside the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. It appears there is a depth of 180 meters from the west tunnel that penetrates directly into the pyramid from below the plateau


The conference lasted until late in the evening, below Semir Osmanagić is thanking the speakers and all those who contributed to the conference.


Semir Osmanagić thanking all the speakers


SBRG - September 22, 2012


1) Video of the presentation of Prof. Agg. Paolo Debertolis on archaeological acoustics research at the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun and the Ravne tunnels (in English).

2) Video of the presentation of physics researcher Slobodan Mizdrak on the results of the experiment carried out in April 2012 on the apex of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, for the evaluation of electro-magnetic and ultrasound phenomena (in English).

3) Original slides of the presentations by Debertolis and Mizdrak.

4) Video of the press conference in the morning


Translated by Nina Earl



New ultrasonic unexplained sounds in Ravne tunnels

TAG: bosnian pyramids, pyramid Bosnia, Visoko civilzation, archaeology, archaeoacustic, voice pyramid, SBRG, SB Research Group

In many of the archaeo-acoustics recordings made in Ravne tunnels by our research group (SBRG) sometimes we could check for absolutely inexplicable sound.

In particular and currently being examined by our sound engineer (H.A. Savolainen) recordings made during the experiment conducted by the physics researcher Slobodan Mizdrak on the top of the Pyramid of the Sun in April 2012.


Fig.1 - The group SBRG at work in the tunnel



During this experiment we placed inside the tunnel two microphones as used by ocean biologists (Hydrophones) for 48 hours continuously.
In this period there were no tourists in the tunnels. The tunnel excavations by the workers of the Foundation of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, or by volunteers had not started either.


At 10pm on 20th April 2012 we recorded this ultrasonic frequency, not present in other phases of the experiment. This was recorded whilst the experiment was carried out on the Pyramid of the Sun / hill Visocica approximately 2.5 km from the tunnels.


Its characteristics are very interesting: it has a higher frequency of 42,000 Hz with a volume of 31dB. If we transpose the audible band 5 octaves down, it seems very similar to the noise of a mechanical mechanism with a constant period.


At that hour no factory in the area were operational and no one was present inside the tunnels with a cell phone switched on. The front door of the tunnel was closed and guarded by a member of our research team.


Fig.2 - Evident a large peak of ultrasound above 42KHz



The microphones for recording ultrasounds were placed at a distance of 15 meters from recorder and inserted into the water. It is not possible that the equipment produced this sound vibration.

Its origin remains unexplained, possibly related to magnetic fields which are occasionally present within the tunnel.

Paolo Debertolis -10 September, 2012
Link to download  audio file in
mp3 or m4a format



Conference on Bosnian pyramids in Visoko (Bosnia-Herzegovina)


TAG: pyramids Bosnia, Bosnian pyramids, Visoko civilization, pyramids, electromagnetic waves, ultrasounds, voice pyramid, SBRG, SB Research Group

The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation is organizing a conference on Bosnian pyramids and other unacknowledged aspects of human history in the theater of Visoko entitled "Hidden History" on September 8, 2012.

In the list of speakers are included some known researchers as Philip Coppens and Klaus Dona.

At the conference there will also be two members of the SBRG, prof.agg. Paolo Debertolis and the physics researcher Slobodan Mizdrak, who will explain in their report the final results of their research on the beam of electromagnetic waves and ultrasounds from the top of the Pyramid of the Sun. 

SBRG - September 2, 2012





Notice to readers

TAG: SBRG , SB Research Group, Eclisseforum , Simplicio

In order to defend the reputation and reliability of our research project (SBRG), we would like to point out to the readers that this web site has nothing to share with the Italian web site " ECLISSEFORUM – La ConoScienza Condivisa" and its inquiries.

The site in question by an anonymous member of the editorial board, has recently continuously requested supplementary information over what we already published on our research in Bosnia in Visoko Valley.

Despite our requests for clarification (we know neither the competence nor the qualification of the members of the editorial staff and even their names), it is clear members of this site wish to hide their true identity by remaining anonymous. We therefore decided not to cooperate with these self-styled science journalists with mysterious behavior, we hereby deny permission for any use, even partial, of the material published on our site (articles, photos and videos).

The site of SB Research Group, as scientific manifesto of a group of researches inspired by Italian universities, is designed to document the state of our research to other researchers or enthusiasts who work in the same field and we do not spread the gossip on the Internet.

The existing correspondence is available to curious readers via this link which clearly shows the reason for our denial of dialogue (in Italian language).
We declare to our readers that we will keep our distance from any initiative taken by "ECLISSEFORUM" which despite everything, tries to involve us at all costs in their investigations.

SBRG - September 1, 2012

Update 2013 - After a thorough investigation to understand the motivations and the authors of a series of articles full of lies, misconceptions and inaccuracies published on the same website against our research activities in Bosnia - Herzegovina, we discovered that the anonymous author of these articles, signed with the pseudonym of Simplicio, was a young degree student of  Aerospace Engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan (Italy), whose initials are M.M.
At present we know this student has never received any training in the field of archeology, archaeoacoustics, acoustic or audiology. He has never participated in any archaeological excavation, he has never published any scientific paper or poster, he has never done any institutional research and has never been to Bosnia and Herzegovina, even though he has written about this extensively.
Therefore we leave it to you the readers opinion as to the scientific value, or even as documentary value the articles (translated in English and French languages) produced by this blogger, along with their level of their
authoritativeness, claimed by the same anonymous author.






New line of research in archaeoacoustics and electromagnetism in Italy on Mount Amiata in Tuscany by SBRG


 TAG:  electromagnetic waves, ultrasounds, archaeoacoustics, Mount Amiata, Mount Labbro, SBRG, SB Research Group

Fig. 1 - The Mount Amiata


In mid-August 2012 the archaeologist Niccolò Bisconti, new member of SBRG, and prof. Paolo Debertolis have begun new archaeo-acoustic researches in the territory of Abbadia San Salvatore (Siena), little historical town,  full of archaeological artifacts of all ages.


Fig. 2 - Above: the archaeologist Nicholas Bisconti while operating by spectrum analyzer for searching electromagnetic phenomena present at the Cave of the Archer. Below: the analyzer used, mod. Spectran NF-3010 of the German factory AAronia AG


Fig. 3 - We have begun a research on the acoustic band in field of hearing (20-22.000Hz), next time (October 2012) we will use equipment for researching also ultrasonic vibrations


Taking advantage of the experience gained in the Balkans and in southern England, the research program will address several issues related to the "sacredness" of several sites from different eras that seem to have influenced the choice of constructing a temple or a church in particular areas rather than others.

The thesis, that the research group SBRG follows more than two years, is  that natural phenomena in the field of band of audible sound or ultrasonic, and electromagnetic or geodynamic phenomena may have had a close connection with aspects of spirituality of a particular place. These characteristics appear to have influenced ultimately the choice of construction of a particular temple in a certain place.

Mount Amiata, thanks to its unique geological aspect, volcanic origins and its long history of settlements that is lost in time, seems the perfect place to continue these studies in Italy. The research has expanded, as well as in the area most closely related to Mount Amiata, also in the nature reserve of Mount Labbro.



Fig. 4 - Mount Labbro is placed in the nature reserve of Mount Labbro and in the wildlife sanctuary of Mount Amiata


Fig. 5 - The collection of data on Mount Labbro was very impressive. In a lot of places this mount offers breathtaking environments.  We have collected, in particular, a lot of data in the chapel carved into the rock underneath the Tower Giurisdavidic


The group SBRG elected as  base for meetings of researchers, who will alternate in this study on the Amiata mountain, the hut / restaurant that is near the source of spring water “Magria” on Mount Amiata. It is placed strategically and geographically in a location more suitable for this purpose. With a little number of confortable rooms where you can deposit the instrument and immediately see the results of research (as well as a great food!), “Fonte Magria” refuge will be the point of reference for our researchers in this territory.


Fig. 6 - The hut / restaurant “Fonte Magria” where we have established our base for research. It is on the slopes of Mount Amiata, near a source of spring water, and also surrounded by archaeological sites and ancient artifact as this stone tank placed in the garden of restaurant, used for the tanning of hides and skins in the Middle Ages (image below)


We discovered an interesting vibration near the ancient hermitage of Santa Maria dell'Ermeta, ancient settlement and revered by the local population, which sometimes appears during the night in audible band around 10Khz. It is not clear yet its origin, but it is likely that the presence of noise is due to some natural vent or airhole nearby.


Fig. 7 - In the archaeo-acoustic research is important immediately to check results by computer with the analysis of the spectrum, this to avoid the  collecting a lot of absolutely useless data. Here we are working with our collaborator Mr. Antonio Paccini in front of hermitage of “S.Maria dell’Ermeta” during the day


Fig. 8 - But, of course, overnight data collection becomes much more interesting and easy, without the presence of tourists or other human activity. The site of Ermeta, however, is most interesting during the night than the day, as they appear strange sounds that were not easily identifiable


Fig. 9 - Track night in front of the hermitage of Ermeta. In some cases, a strong sound around 10.000Hz and a weaker around 2.950Hz appeared and also clearly audible, similar to wind noise, but in the absence of wind


Fig. 10 - Track night a few nights later. There is something around 12.000Hz, but a small peak around 2.950Hz also remains


Fig. 11 - The track during the day. As you can see there are no sounds. The site looks totally quiet during the day



In October, the next round of researches, mainly focused on finding abnormal ultrasound and magnetic fields.

Paolo Debertolis - August 23, 2012








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