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Museum of Visoko (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

The research aims to locate, to list and to broadcast some historical elements, the stecak, burial-ritual objects in Visoko’s area, as requirements to conserve and re-design in an innovative way the urban shape and the natural landscape. The survey and the graphical description of the stecak will be introduced to dynamic data processing archives, that are very helpful for understanding the history of the place, the typological and morphological frame of the settlement and its landscape, the connections between content and form.


Bosnian Foundation of Pyramid of the Sun (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

The collaboration with this private institution is in particular in archaeological sites of Ravne’s Labyrinth and Visoćica hill/ Pyramid of the Sun. In this sites the research is going on regarding survey and study of the design of tunnels that were gradually discovered, through graphic design and formal geometric comparisons. They are developed simultaneously anthropological studies on the human body related to the effect of resonance present in the tunnel and the microclimate of the local enviroment.


Croatian Institutions for the town of Vermo (Croatia)

SB Research Group has also decided to pursue further researches on the prehistoric fort of Beram. Because its necropolis has three stages of development, we intend also to discover the secrets of the position of the other "tower" which was discussed in granting economic subsidy for its construction from the year 911 AD. Through scientific research from the perspective of different skills, the main purpose will not only document the history, but we want to revive all this settlement in its various stages of development. We propose, therefore, a historical and detailed planning of this important artistic and archaeological site, new SBRG’s excavations for 2013. The excavation campaign will focus initially to conclude research on ancient necropolis started at the end of '800, but never finished.

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