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Our member from Republic of Macedonia, Nikola Ristevski, has started with publishing of his magnum opus. Last year he managed to digitally publish several of his books: Imaginarium of Doctor Solaris, All Seeing I, Luminous Neutrino and the preview of the first book with excerpts from old books covering his home region – the great valley of Ovche Pole and the city of Sveti Nikole (Saint Nicholas). On the feast of Saint Nicholas, according to the Julian calendar, December 19th, 2016, he published his first printed book – Imaginarium of Doctor Solaris. The publisher is the International Center for Slavic Education fromSveti Nikole. The book was reviewed by artist Aleksandar Stankovski, who also made a painting with title “Imaginarium inspired by the words of Ristevski,”. The foreword is by our member Domagoj Nikolic, commentary by a Bulgarian journalist Stoycho Kerev and the closing remarks by another member of our group, Velimir Abramovic. The “Imaginarium of Doctor Solaris” is available for purchase through the official FB fan page, where you can find book excerpts and media coverage. The second printed book by Ristevski – “Ovce Pole – book one” is currently being prepared for printing and will be published soon. The book launch party for both books will be held in the Saint Nicholas, Macedonia.



The work of our scientist, Nikola Ristevski , has inspired Domagoj Nikolic to extend and upgrade his astro-archaeological work and join him in the research of Ovche Pole. Their efforts in turn brought the Super Brain Research Group to the exploration of the great geoglyph in Kanda. The group has subsequently published three scientific papers in renowned scientific publications and is currently seeking approval of the Macedonian authorities to complete the work with the ground penetrating radar. Nikola’s research was recognized by the director of International Slavic University in Macedonia, Yordan Gjorchev, who granted him a full scholarship for master studies and added him to the staff of the Institute for Culture and Art. The university publisher will soon print the three SBRG scientific papers in English, Russian and Macedonian in a special publication.

Our 32 year old scientist has been working hard for more than half a decade. In 2017 he plans to publish the works of his two grandfathers in two separate books – one with historical texts about Ovche Pole valley, and another with newspaper reportages from old printed media from all over former Yugoslavia covering Sveti Nikole and Ovche Pole. Another project in his pipeline is a guidebook titled “Hikers guide for Ovche Pole”.

Our scientist was officially unemployed for years, but managed to fund his existence in the material world doing odd jobs including shadow journalism, gonzo journalism and reporting. Last year he was responsible for promotion of the archeological site Bylazora, the ancient capital of Paeonia. The website LOZA, owned, managed and edited by Nikola Ristevski is working without any commercials, and finally there is a GoFundMe campaign where you can make donations. Ristevski managed to publish his first book with the help of his friends and fans, but yet needs some more ink and paper to complete his magnum opus. His friends made another GoFundMe campaign for supporting the publishing of this magnum opus. More information available at




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