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Letter to our supporters

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After a long period of silence, which we undertook to avoid fuelling an attack by our detractors in the scientific field, by providing them with advance information on our initiatives, we resume describing much that has been accomplished in our scientific research for the benefit of our many supporters.

The amount of support is evident from the impressive array of visits to our site and the considerable number of downloads of our publications from other websites on which we are present (such as from all over the world.

An important moment for us last year was the separation from the University of Trieste as a patronage and the establishment of an autonomous research body as a non-profit association recognized by the Italian State, and therefore operating throughout the EU, and the location of our headquarters in our offices at the Astronomical Observatory of Passo Gobbera in the province of Trento.


Fig. 1 - Our headquarters at the Astronomical Observatory of Passo Gobbera (TN).


It is obvious at this point, that the interception of funds to develop our research has become a crucial topic, as well as the dissemination of our results to the public outside scientific congresses, in order to increase donations to our institution.

We remind you that on the occasion of the tax return in Italy (only if you pay taxes in Italy) it is possible to donate the 5 x 1000 to our non-profit organization by writing our tax code number, which you can find on the left in all our web pages in Italian in the appropriate box on the tax return form and signing the authorization.



Fig. 2 - Where to place your signature if you want to support us with the 5 x thousand if you pay taxes in Italy.



We have also started an informative work of conferences around Italy and whole Europe that we have subsequently placed on the web.

In particular we presented our results at the International Conference "Archaeoacoustics III" in Tomar (Portugal) on 5-8 October 2017 with four presentations on our research undertaken in the period 2015-2016.



 Fig. 3 - Our presentations at the Conference on archaeoacoustics in Portugal in October 2017.



Furthermore, in the period between March - May 2018, we made several conferences in Parma, Orvieto, Bolsena and San Panfilo D'Ocre (Italy) in which we presented the results of our research obtained at Gobekli Tepe (Turkey), Alatri and Apuan Alps (Italy), Malta, Jordan and Yemen (before the current conflict). The speakers in this regard were professor Paolo Debertolis and the architect Natalia Tarabella. We were moved by the enthusiasm that welcomed us from the public and for the kindness and availability of those who invited us.



Fig. 4 - The conference held in Parma (Italy) in March 2018 as guests of the Galileo association.



Fig. 5 - The conference performed in the magnificent congress hall created in the deconsecrated church in the former monastery of San Panfilo d'Ocre (L’Aquila, Italy), guests of the Panta Rei - Conacreis Abruzzo dell'Aquila Association and the Archaeological Group of Castelvecchio Subequo.



Fig. 6 - The presentation of the architect Tarabella at the 20th Heritage for Planet Earth Conference in Florence (Italy).


In this period some of our members have left our group and others have been added in a physiological exchange that has brought new life to our ideas.




Fig. 7 - The posters designed by Dr. Tarabella to publicize our research.


It was also very important for us to extend contacts with other institutions and bodies with whom we have entered into collaborations and shared their knowledge. For example with the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation with whom we have signed an agreement in 2018 for the promotion of archaeoacoustics and research in this field.




Fig. 8 - The signing of the agreement with the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation. On the left the dr. Paolo Del Bianco and on the right the architect Natalia Tarabella for the SBRG.


We thank all again for your support.

SBRG - May 20, 2018





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