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This site aims to inform the public about research conducted by the research group SBRG (SB Research Group) and its collaborators.

The articles on this site are in the main the result of original research. The site manager assumes no responsibility for their content. The responsibility of the articles and their content is entirely that of the respective authors. In addition, the manager and collaborators assume no responsibility for actions and / or tampering of the said articles that may happen later. This not only applies to articles, but also other material such as videos and photographs

The links provided in articles are controlled by external web sites, these are not under our control. The responsibility for the content of such sites is entirely that of the respective holders.

Any reproduction also partial of articles, videos and original photographs is not free and requires direct permission of the author. It is not possible manipulate them, change them or, if authorized, not to mention the souce.

Original images published on this site are the personal property of authors who do not allow free publication through the Internet network unless authorised.  Authorisation to freely use the  articles, images and videos at low resolution is only intended for teaching or scientific and only if such use is not for profit. All images with the site logo are prohibited to be used by other parties without prior authorization.

This site is not a journal as it is updated without any periodicity. It can not therefore be considered an editorial product under Italian Law n.62/2001.

This site is in the spirit of  art. 21 of the Italian Constitution, 1st and 2nd paragraph:
"Everyone has the right to freely express their thoughts through speech, writing, and every other means of communication."
"The press can not be subjected to authorization or censorship."

Some information in this site is freely drawn from the Web or published in Italian and foreign libraries. In any case, if any article violates copyright law, just report it to the site and we will immediately remove it.




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