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Published first results on research on Ravne Labyrinth by SBRG


TAG: pyramids Bosnia, Bosnian pyramids, archaeoacoustics, civilization Visoko, pyramids, electromagnetic waves, ultrasounds, voice pyramid, tunnel Ravne, SBRG, SB Research Group

They concluded in Bratislava the first annual session of congress “Virtual International Conference on Advanced Research in Scientific Areas” (ARSA-2012) Slovakia,  December 3 - 7, 2012 (, supported by various European Universities.

Of almost 1,400 papers sent only 169 papers were choosen in 16 categories, among these is the paper by SBRG on Ravne Labyrinth (Bosnia-Herzegovina). We received very flattering words by the scientific commission in the review of this research.

This paper is published on Proceedings of the Virtual International Conference on Advanced Research in Scientific Fields 2012 with bibliographic reference numbers ISBN 978-80-554-0606-0 e ISSN 1338-9831.


You can find the original paper in English by SBRG here.

You can find the preliminary article on same research together with some original audio tracks (compressed in mp3) here.

SBRG - December 8, 2012





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