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Experiment on Serbian Pyramid Rtanj in the late July 2013

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Lead by Slobodan Mizdrak

With great help of Spirit of Rtanj,  Center for cosmological Studies Nikola Tesla, SB Research Group and Demiurg Zagreb


 The main goal of the experiment:

Find the source of an electromagnetic and ultrasound emission with a triangular way of capturing both effects – with 8 probes recording echo signals on different geographical places.

Find the echo (if any) on Bosnian Pyramid of Sun, and regular places in Zagreb and Beograd.

 The reason for the experiment:

In the last few years many different scientists and enthusiasts from various countries detected with various instruments strange energy fields on the pyramid and tunnels around. The energies, a lot higher than signals, in electromagnetic and ultrasound fields with specific frequency varied +/- 20% with a middle in 28, 6 kHz. There are no known natural or artificial sources with those frequencies with so narrowed points in the field. Not with electromagnetic and ultrasound (mechanical) vibrations at the same time and nearly the same place. On the top of the pyramid or deep down, in the tunnel!

Guided by a scientific mind (read: restless with partial results from last experiment) we decided to make a project to find an echo of that energy-informational field with a 3D method of analyzing collected data on the field.

  The methodology of the experiment:

On the top of the Serbian Pyramid Rtanj (SPR) we will set electronic devices which will irradiate electromagnetic (EM) and ultrasound (UM) emission with specific frequencies (now 24 – 40 kHz) simultaneously, with sinusoid waveform, and with amplitude power no more than 100 Watts. Irradiation or shining is simple and with small power – with no affects to flora, fauna or human beings around the specific place.

Our detectors or probes are set to receive all responses in both EM and US emissions and record them for further analyses. This means recording original signals-energies and all others (mostly interferences of both signals originals from SPR and produced ones). So, if we know the exact place in 3D of all of our probes, with timeline recorded for all data, we will be able to pinpoint the exact place where the source of energy beam is on a 3D map.

Mathematically, the speed of EM/light and the speed of sound/mechanical vibration in the same system are constant. How to find distance is just a matter of precise time intervals.  With 4 probes for each of the EM and US and with the exact time of receiving the same signals we can easy calculate the distance from the source. And not only the distance but the direction as well! This means we will find the specific spot where the source is.

The GPS system works in the same mathematical way.

Also, the precise time settings on extra sensible receivers for our transmitter on other places will give us answer are all pyramids somehow connected (synchronized) and is the pilot signal recognized in other, usual, places.

 Timeline of experiment:

Our team will come to Serbia on July 22. 2013.  We will set up and test the equipment the two of next days. The start of the experiment is 9.00 AM July 24. 2012. The duration of the experiment is 72 hours, so the end of the experiment is in 9.01 AM July 27. 2013. Data collected during our experiment will be analyzed in the next 2-6 months (over x TBytes) and published on all friendly web sites.

 Transparency of the experiment:

Everything what will happen during our project will be recorded including audio, video and all captured data.  Three high resolution cameras will be placed near our equipment to record and send audio/video to the hall of research center in town Rtanj where we can see and hear everything in real time. Also everything will be placed on the internet in real time, so whoever wants to can easily track us from any part of the world.

After the experiment, all collected data will be available on the internet for all kinds of individual calculation.

 Avoiding problems:

The main reason why we do not want people to sneak around is their electronic devices like cell phones, mobile cameras etc which can interfere with our very sensitive probes. All extra EM and US can disturb our measuring and prolong data calculation. Even that can mislead our results.

If someone really wants to be there, that is not a problem and it’s not dangerous. I will be there as much as possible as well. My dear colleague ing. Ivan Jušković will be there with his team during all 72 hours of the experiment. There are only three rules for people who want to sneak around: leave your electronic devices at least 200m from the experiment place, do not touch the equipment and do not make any loud sounds.  


Our international and multidisciplinary team of experts will do a practical experiment:

 After 72 hours of recording data from the probes and calculating data we will be able to find the direction and length to the source of EM and US which was found initially on SPR. Also we will find out are there resonances in other sites.




The team:

  1. Prof. dr. Ljubo Ristovski  - physicist, Beograd
  2. Prof. dr. Velimir Abramović - Centar za kosmološke studije Nikola Tesla, Beograd
  3. Prof. dr. Spomenko Mihajlović – RGZ -  Geomagnetna opervatorija Srbije, Beograd
  4. Ing. el.teh. Goran Marjanović – Centar za kosmološke studije Nikola Tesla, Beograd
  5. Ing. el.teh. Ivan Jušković – Ratel, Republička agencija za telekomunikacije, Niš
  6. Edo Popović, writer and journalist, Zagreb
  7. Ing. Heikki Savolainen, sound and ultrasound professional analyzer, Helsinki
  8. Dr. Ivan Šimatović, elektrotechician, specialist for old civilisations, Krapina
  9. Jadranko Djurašin, photographer, Zagreb
  10. Ing. Leonardo Blaženić, electronics and sound specialist, Zagreb
  11. Prof. Agg. Paolo Debertolis, University of Trieste, archaeo-acoustic researcher (ultrasounds), Trieste
  12. Ing. Stanko Magić,  Magic co. Varaždin
  13. Ing. Vladimir Matek, camera specialist, Zagreb
  14. Matija Grabar, network specialist, Magic co. Varaždin
  15. Srđan Cvikić, network specialist, Magic co. Varaždin
  16. Mag. Domagoj Nikolić, specialist for old civilisations, Imotski
  17. Dr. Zlatan Alicević, Flora and fauna specialist, Arnika Veterina, Zagreb

 And our host ing. Saša Nađfeji – Centar  za istraživanje i ekologiju Duh Rtnja, Beograd

Slobodan Mizdrak - In Zagreb, Croatia, 07. March 2013




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