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We resumed research in the tunnels of Ravne

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After a long, forced break in SBRG research, our research group has finally resumed work at the site of Visoko. In this period working outside was impossible owing to the heavy snowfalls of the past few days.
And, as during last winter, Ravne’s tunnels remain the only place in which research could be continued as we were protected from snow and cold continental climate.

The current situation looked very dramatic in this site. The opening of a new, not original tunnel, in the wall, located in the area in which the structure below the floor was found in July 2011 by GRP, has caused a change in the movement of the flows of air in this part of the tunnels and therefore it caused a stagnation of moisture never seen before.

Last year at this time the tunnels were always dry and well ventilated. Today, instead, an incredible amount of stagnated fog was in the first portion of the tunnel for almost one hundred meters. The phenomenon was particularly evident with the flash of the camera in the images below.

The environment was saturated with water and, despite the drain pipe that runs beneath the floor in the first 100 meters of the tunnel, mud was everywhere on the floor, covered by by a series of muddy puddles that splash anyone who ventures inside.
I believe I have never seen anything like this before in Ravne’s tunnels.


Fig. 1 - A thick fog ominously came out from the main entrance of the tunnel and accompanies the visitor for about a hundred meters in the path of the tunnel; later the tunnels return dry


As if this were not enough, one night a few days ago, some thieves arrived in the tunnel and stole all the existing electrical wiring of the lighting equipment with the majority of the most powerful lights. The theft to recover copper is a well known plague around here and it’s the third time that this happens in Ravne. But this time the damage was really too much for an associated desire to destroy for vandalism. The cables were cut and the lights which had not been stolen were broken.

This time the work was methodical and must have required several hours to be done, taking into account approximately a mile of cable placed on the entire length of the tunnels in their various loops.


Fig. 2 - Electrical boxes are isolated and switches have the cables cut. The thieves didn’t even waste time in detaching the sockets from multiple plugs, but they directly cut the threads with a wire cutter. The lights that were not stolen had been left in their place but the light bulb had been broken.


Therefore there was no light in the tunnels which had sadly gone back into darkness. This situation forced the closing of the tunnels to the visiting tourists.

The Foundation of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun will recover these severe damages next month, thanks to a generous donation of a Bosnian sponsor who is determined to resolve what happened. On this occasion, finally, the Foundation will install an alarm system connected to the local police station, thus preventing the recurrence of such episodes.

So, at the end of February visits to this tourist site will be resumed, thus providing oxygen to the exhausted finances of the Foundation which takes care of excavations here, thanks to admission tickets.

With referenceto the area of the structure discovered in July 2011, situated under the floor of the tunnels, conditions were even worse. A small river lazily flowed on it and the mud was king.


Fig. 3 - A small river lazily flows above the area of the structure, discovered  in July 2011 with GPR

Works to clean up the area with concrete casting above and below the structure and a new drainage tube have totally failed. Indeed, they have certainly worsened the existing situation.

Any serious work to bring to light the interesting structure is now impossible and if Foundation wants to do this, it must make another careful and calibrated study.

Works that differ from simply emptying the earth from the tunnels, cause a series of cascading consequences, producing several unpredictable problems.

Ravne’s tunnels are perfect in their simplicity and they respond very badly to any action that changes their delicate balance. As evidence of this, the end part of tunnels, which was also the least emptied, now appears dry, ventilated and there isn’t any loss of material. Props are not even necessary, thanks to the pointed shape of vaults. Where the tunnels widen, the builders laid stone walls, which still retain their supporting function . But if someone tries to change their shape, by raising the ceiling or by extending its walls, collapses begin to appear, despite the modern props.
It is incredible that the unchanged portions are also those that hold up better to the wear of time, thus confirming the architectural skills of the builders.


Fig. 4 - In the portions where the tunnel is saturated with water, props are rotting and a forest of mould and mushrooms rise even on stones

Unable to go on with further excavations and having to continue research, we decided to continue the analysis of the tunnels' electromagnetic forces already discussed in previous articles. We also continued our research on ultrasound inside the tunnel and on the phenomenon of "resonance".
In the disaster we have just described, however, we had the opportunity to work in a place free of visiting tourists and without electric fields produced by the presence of power cables for lighting. The environment was perfectly quiet and dark, perfect for our measurements.

So lighting was made only by lamps on our helmets or by portable LED torches. This created very cozy environments and also allowed us to take evocative photographs that recall the conditions of the tunnels at the time of their construction.


Fig. 5 - Unlit tunnels create even more mysterious  but extremely fascinating environments


In the next few days we will illustrate the methods, instrumentation, and results of this week's research because the Foundation of the Pyramid of the Sun provided us with an exclusive and continued opening of the tunnel. In the second half of the week other collaborators will come and will assist us in the surveys.

Paolo Debertolis - January 18, 2012




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