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Archaeoacoustic analysis of an ancient hypogeum using new TRV camera (Variable Resonance Camera) technology

Paolo Debertolis*, Daniele Gullà**, Florentina Richeldi**


*Department of Medical Sciences - University of Trieste, Italy

**IPERLAB laboratory, Bologna, Italy


Abstract - Combined with research on the effect of acoustics on the human body, archaeoacoustics is an interesting method to reanalyse ancient sites. As well as broadening our understanding of the ancient world, this multidisciplinary approach seeks to recover “ancient knowledge” that affects the emotional sphere of human consciousness. In this study, we have examined the relationship between the resonance effect present in Cividale del Friuli hypogeum and the altered state of consciousness of volunteers using TRV technology. The results showed that after eight minutes of exposure to resonance within one of the hypogeum chambers, both volunteers and the chamber itself become attuned to the same frequency. This represents an unexpected result. On the one hand it would appear the volunteers adapt themselves to the vibrations of the chamber, whilst the environment seemingly adapts itself to the state of mind of the subjects. It is almost as if some sort of bidirectional influence is at play.

Keywords:  archaeoacoustics; hypogeum; Cividale del Friuli; resonance; TRV technology;


Proceedings in Scientific Conference “The 2nd International Virtual Conference on Advanced Scientific Results (SCIECONF-2014)", Slovakia, Zilina, June 9-13, 2014 (

Published by: EDIS - Publishing Institution of the University of Zilina, Univerzitná 1, 01026 Žilina, Slovak Republic.

You can find the original paper in English here

You can find the original paper from the congress web site here






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