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Analysis in Gozo

Paolo Debertolis*, Nina Earl**


*Department of Medical Sciences - University of Trieste

   **SB Research Group, London, UK

Summary - As part of the research carried out on some of Malta’s Neolithic temples, we performed some testing on the sister island of Gozo with very good results especially in the Xaghra Stone Circle. This energy is a mechanical vibratory stress that appears to have a broad peak, reaching between 25Hz and 34Hz. It is extremely powerful, more or less comparable to what was found in the temples of Tarxien in Malta, but with a slightly longer high frequency range and oscillating just a little bit. Its origin is to be found in the movement of friction between the African and Eurasian tectonic plates close to the archipelago of Malta. The broad peak at Xaghra Stone Circle seems to intrude in the field of infrasound and in the audible band comfortably up to 40Hz. At this frequency, this vibration is clearly perceptible to an attentive ear and for those who are more sensitive, via the vibrator sensors of body.

This short scientific report was presented at Conference "Archaeoacoustics. The Archaeology of Sound", Malta, February 19-22, 2014

Site of the Conference in Malta.

This paper was included in the volume of Proceedings of the Conference, available in Internet (ISBN-13: 978-1497591264, ISBN-10: 1497591260), page 140.

This is the original paper in English language.






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