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Concluding the experiment on Mount Rtanj in Serbia

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After more than a week of work, the international team of scientists concluded the study of the energy beam coming out the top of the mountain and on the frequencies found in nearby sites.

The slopes of the peak of Siljak (1565m), the highest point of the mountain group, was really hard to climb with the large amount of equipment needed to carry out the experiment. For this purpose we had some horses which carried the generator to power tools along with the fuel to make it work.





 Fig. 1 - The difficult ascent to the summit of Mount Rtanj, Siljak


  Fig. 2 - The help of four horses, absolutely necessary for the transport of heavier equipment (photo Zepter International Group and Creative Media Agent)


The main experiment conducted by Slobodan Mizdrak, a physics researcher from Croatia (who had a careful preparation in this field in his military education), was to designed to send to the heart of Rtanj similar frequencies to those emitted naturally from the mountains (VLF radio waves).



 Fig. 2 - Slobodan Mizdrak (photo Zepter International Group and Creative Media Agent)


The answer from the mountain was not long in returning; the pyramid produced an increased response of static energy on the top, this acted like a signal amplifier and put the instruments which had been left on top of the peak for several days in a serious crisis!


 Fig. 3 - The ruins of the chapel located on the top of the mountain


  Fig. 4 - Slobodan Mizdrak working to set up the equipment placed close to the ruins of the chapel (photo Tatjana Sučec)


The experiment was followed in real time by researchers at a base camp, this was linked via radio with the instruments placed on the summit of the mountain.





 Fig. 5 - The best results for the collection of infrasound on top of Siljak were not collected on the summit where there was too much wind, but in the tunnel located just below the chapel



 Fig. 6 - The stunning aerial images of researchers at work collected by the team Zepter International Group Creative and Media Agent (Olivera Miladinović and Sandra Vojvodić) on behalf of National Geographic



 Fig. 7 - On the right, the main organizer of the experiment and the scientific meeting, Saša Nađfeji (photo Zepter International Group and Creative Media Agent)


The amount of data collected is huge and it will take several months for analysis at three research institutions that have agreed to collaborate with this experiment to analyze (Statistics Institute of Zagreb, Statistics Institute of Beograd, Institute for Advanced Mathematics of Vienna).



 Fig. 8 - The base camp full of computers which constantly kept tabs on what was happening on top of Mount Rtanj, remotely monitoring the equipment


The results obtained in other locations are equally interesting, such as the neighboring sacred temple dedicated to Cybele in the palace of the Roman emperor Gaius Galerius, the ancient church of Vidovanska and in the site of Svetilište, probably dating from the Neolithic period.



 Fig. 9 - The church located next to the ruins of the oldest chapel in the site of Vidovdanska, a place considered sacred from very long time and full of legends



  Fig. 10 - In the palace of Gaius Galerius (Felix Romuliana) is the temple dedicated to Cybele where we conducted the best acoustic surveys


It will take several months for the analysis of all sound files collected to be analyzed.


 Fig. 11 - Three of the four members of the SBRG who participated in the experiment in Serbia. From left: Slobodan Mizdrak, Paolo Debertolis, Heikki Savolainen (the fourth member, Nina Earl, took the photographs for SBRG)


Paolo Debertolis – August 14, 2013



Translated by Nina earl


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