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An international team of researchers plans an experiment on Mount Rtanj

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The main experiment, organized by "The Spirit of Rtanj" association, will begin on August 5th and continue for a some days. This event will be leaded by physics researcher Slobodan Mizdrak. All necessary tools and equipment will be placed on top of the mountain after four hours of walking to reach the summit. The equipment will be left in place on the summit, and connected to the base camp by radio remote control during the experiment, the base camp will be located in a hotel in the nearby valley.


Fig. 1 - Mount Rtanj seen from the near valley


Our working group (SBRG) will check for the presence of abnormal acoustic vibrations in the area around what locals know to be a "sacred" mountain. This archaeological district, has the remains of ancient Roman structures, but also the existence of prehistoric megaliths and there are many legends and myths that enrich the history of this mountain region.


Fig. 2 - We started the acoustic measurements


The purpose of our research here is to search for ultrasound, infrasound and low frequencies which may affect or alter the perception of the human organism. For ultrasonic detection, our research group is equipped with a very sophisticated compounderand integrated analyzer of ultrasonic frequencies (Pettersson Ultrasounds Detector D 1000X) as used by our sound engineer, Heikki Savolainen.


Fig. 3 - The ultrasonic analyzer Petterssonn


We started to analyise those places which were "sacred" according to local mythology and found the presence of an ultrasonic frequency of around 28.300Hz, this was in a prehistoric site on the east side of the plateau next to the mountain with the shape of a triangular base pyramid. in addition to detecting low frequencies in the same place in a range between 20 and 110Hz, the recordings carried out with digital equipment and high-sensitivity microphones confirmed this data.

The summit of the mountain group (Siljak) had in previous years demonstrated the presence of electromagnetic phenomena (VLF radio waves) at a frequency of 28.3 KHz.



 Fig. 4 - Our sound engineer Heikki Savolainen working together with other researchers in a Serbian sacred site


Fig. 5 - The same site as seen from the PIP camera (Polycontrast Interference Photography) three years ago, courtesy of prof. Ljubo Ristovski, a nuclear physicist, who had previously done this analysis. It is clear from the colors of the sky on the right the presence of energy coming out from the ground (electromagnetic waves)


Every night after dinner and following a day of intense work, the researchers made various presentations illustrating the status of their research to the large audience present at the meeting. The analytical work in this area will continue for the entire next week until Saturday August 10th.

Paolo Debertolis for the SBRG group - August 3, 2013


Translated by Nina Earl


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