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Two more items of news from Ravne Labyrinth

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The first. Work was concluded on the reunion of two lateral tunnels which led to a new circle in the typical alveolar structure of Ravne’s Labyrinth.

This arrangement is very similar to alveoli of a lung, which is becoming an increasingly more prevalent characteristic of this archaeological site.


Fig. 1 - The overlay of the pulmonary alveoli compared with the structure of the tunnel (image by L. Krasovec Lucas from her presentation at ICBP2011 conference)


Fig. 2 - The point of entry and exit of the new tunnel passage marked by yellow arrows


Fig. 3 - Some pictures of the new communication tunnel in the filming of our photographer Ajdin Ahmetspahic

The second news is about the niche carved out for building the access ramp to the structure in order to bring to light the structure located under the floor of the tunnel Ravne.
During the deepening of the niche in the wall of the tunnel was discovered a circular room with five very low lateral tunnels arranged very regularly.

Faced with this unexpected new discovery, the possibility of access to the structure changed again and a new approach is required, in order to not destroy this room.


Fig. 4 - The position of the tunnel carved in the wall and the round room newly discovered marked by orange arrow and circle


Fig. 5 - Images of the round room, stone walls and five low side tunnel/niches (foto Ajdiin Ahmetspahic)


Paolo Debertolis - Saturday, September 16, 2011




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