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Momentary pause in the work of excavation in the structure located under the floor in Ravne's Labyrinth

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After clearing of the area from the infiltration of water, it’s necessary to await a moment before proceeding with the excavation to recover the structure.

We must ensure that there is no further infiltration of water before the re-start.

The Foundation has created a niche in the wall of the tunnel in front of the centre of the future excavation site to create the access ramp, yet unbuilt.

The excavation has been recomposed and burial of the new drainage pipe in the ground so as to facilitate movement along the passage. The structure will be excavated from the side by the ramp starting from the newly built niche.

Thanks to images by the photographer of SB Research Group, Ajdin Ahmetspahic, now we can document the current situation.


Fig. 1 - Scheme (image by professor Lucia Krasovec Lucas - Politecnico di Milano). The stretch of the tunnel is where the structure is located. The numbers refer to the direction of the figures below (click to enlarge)


Fig.1 a and b. Images of the entrance of the tunnel where is the structure located under the floor of the gallery


Fig.2 Image directed to the structure upstream the retaining wall against water infiltration


Fig. 3 - Image taken from the niche built in front of the zone of digging. The structure is located below the wheelbarrow


Fig. 4 - Image of the niche built in front of the structure to hold the ramp to access to the structure (yet to be constructed)


Fig. 5 - Image of the area where is the underground structure.


Fig. 6 - Image taken from the opposite side upstream the retaining walls against water infiltration


Paolo Debertolis - September 5, 2011




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