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Archaeoacoustic Analysis in Enclosure D at Göbekli Tepe in South Anatolia, Turkey


Paolo Debertolis*, Daniele Gullà**, Heikki Savolainen***


*Department of Medical Sciences, University of Trieste and SBRG, Italy

   **SBRG, Bologna, Italy

***HSS Production and SBRG, Helsinki, Finland


Abstract— We made an archaeoacoustic exploration at Enclosure D in the Göbekli Tepe archeological site. This site is the most ancient archaeological location recognized by archaeologists all over the world. It was dated 7,000 years before the Egyptian pyramids. Thanks to the site’s discoverer we had the possibility to record the vibrations coming from the subsoil, magnetic fields and the sound produced by hitting with hand on central pillar n.18. The results are amazing and confirm that Göbekli Tepe has the same archaeoacoustic aspects of many other typical sacred sites we have studied in Europe and Minor Asia. However the most interesting finding was understanding that the pillar we examined is probably at the centre of a sophisticated mechanism of vibrations and magnetic fields affecting the brain. This discovery is in contrast with our knowledge of the level of technology produced by the civilization who built these sacred temples. Our results have to be considered as preliminary results, however due to the death of the person who discovered the site and the current geopolitical situation in Turkey we cannot continue the research. We hope other researchers will be able to confirm our results in future.

Keywords – archaeoacoustics, Göbekli Tepe, low frequency sound.


Proceedings in Scientific Conference “5th HASSACC 2017 - Human And Social Sciences at the Common Conference", Slovakia, Žilina, September 25-29, 2017: pp. 107-114.


Published by: EDIS - Publishing Institution of the University of Zilina, Univerzitná 1, 01026 Žilina, Slovak Republic.

ISBN: 978-80-554-0949-8, ISSN: 1339-522X

You can find the original paper in English here.

You can find the original paper from the congress web site here.


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